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19 October 2011 @ 05:31 pm
This place has been empty for a while, been caught up with school work/tcl/school work/tcl/school work/tcl..you get the drift haha. But anyw, yes it was our 100th collection last week! And I wanted to do a "HISTORY OF TCL" post, but then I didnt have time to do so ): It's a wednesday afternoon and I have no lessons today in the afternoon, so after clearing some emails, fixing up the launch, I'll devote some time to do this post! :) WARNING: It's a reallllly lengthy post :p

100 Collections, that's about 25 months (assuming we launch once per week), and so that equates to about 2 years! But nope that's not true we have been around for more than 2 years actually! (Can you believe it!!) I just checked, and our first post was in JUNE, 2008. Back then, I recall Sis calling me one day, telling me excitedly how she went to the supplier and took a hell load of stocks and I was just like "whaattttttttttt" hahaha. I was still in JC then! Well after getting the stocks, we got down to thinking about names.

I recall lying on the bed, and coming up with retarded names like "THEBUMBLEBEE" (okay because both of our names start with B) HAHA. Or like DOUBLEB. Or BERTBREE. (which sounded like burberry hence we scraped that idea). BERTBREE.LIVEJOURNAL.COM. Hey come to think of it it actually sounds quite nice? :p But anyw we settled for THECLOSETLOVER because we were thinking girls need clothes in their wardrobe all the time and we love clothes so yes the closet lover it shall be!!! :D It's kinda long we know, but it sounds quite nice la right? :p

Our first collections started off with...shots (without the head)

Took the photos against our wall in our room with this orange lamp!! Some of the shots are modelled by Bree, some by me!! Guess who's who. Actually it's quite simple to guess because I don't have a habit of doing my nails while she loves nailart. Oh btw her nailart designer is super awesome!!! Go ask her where to do her nails :p

And then...from collection 14 onwards we started doing studio shots with Jeanine! Jeanine is Bree's old friend :) We were really thankful then to have her as our model!! Haha she really helped bring out our clothes really well! The studio we went to belonged to the photographer's house, and boy it was apparently a really warm place (because it's housed at the attic) and there's actually a fan blowing at jeanine because there's no aircon!! She looks damn glam right haha ;) 

Look at Jeanine!! Modelling so well (: 

And then Jeanine and the photographer got really busy so we had to switch again!  In this period, we actually stopped for a looooong while because I had A levels, we didnt have a model/photographer then = no resources and hence we were unable to shoot ):
Bet you didnt know, but we actually had a period where we thought of stopping the business!  Gosh haha. 
I was entering NUS and Bree was busy with her previous job at M1 and we were thinking that we had stopped for so long, 
would our customers still stick with us? Handling a blogshop is not easy, we had to go to our suppliers to get stocks, take photos, launch, post out items and the process goes on and on.
Bree wanted to give up then (haha :p) BUTTT I didnt want to! Somehow I still wanted to try and hold on to this.
So....I managed to find a model, pris and a photographer (wilson!) 
Got to know her through seeing photos on facebook and asked her through Wilson, who happened to be her friend.

It was a crazy crazy period for me. Because every week, I would rush to the supplier and had to lug all the bags of stocks myself, to my hall and UP THE STAIRSSSS. (3 storeys). Imagine the torture haha. I recall putting my bags on those wheel scroll chairs, pushing it from one end of the walkway to the other end. And how my whole room was just filled with bags and bags of stocks! And I used to mail parcels at the post office in NUS too!! Old times :) 

Business picked up, and I could no longer do it myself (juggling school, hall, TCL) so Bree stepped in and helped haha. It was sooo much better after that because mel has the car, and with a car it's alot more convenient!! But anyw, here's pris for you :)

Pretty pretty pris :) Well, then Pris became exclusive for one blogshop and we could no longer use her ): Had to switch models again!
Sophie willock came after that! :) 

Featuring one of our best sellers then, FLORAL ROMPER WOOH!! Haha!
In case you are wondering, all editing of photos are done by yours truly! Using PS7 and "upgrading" to CS4 now wahaha.
Except for sneak photos on FB without the true colors, those are done by Wilson :)

From this collection onwards, we didnt have Wilson as our photog. I can't rmb why but I think because the studio that we used provided a camera to use, so Bree and I became the photographer HAHA. After that, we had a switch again and..I became the model! 
I had a hard time convincing myself to model okay because I didnt want my face to be seen everywhere! (shy laa) 
But I still enjoyed modelling in the end! Doing all the stupid poses HAHA. 

And...then we moved on to self-manufactured items!!! Yes, due to the competitive nature of blogshops, we had to move to manufacturing our own designs to keep up with the times. We all know customers look for exclusive designs, quality apparels and affordable pricing too right! :) We took a long long time to design on which design to manufactured, and we finally decided on a top! :) 

Pris was invited to be our guest model for that collection (: This is collection 59!! Wahahaha. See the DOUBLEB label? No points for guessing why it's called DOUBLEB label :p

Second self manu!!!! HIGHWAIST JEGGINGS! Maybe we should bring this back in huh hehe :p
We really liked the cut and wash!!

Manufacturing an item is a long long process. Here's how the process goes!! For those who are interested, if not just skip this part :p

1. We select designs we like, whether through pictures/real items/sketches and send them to our suppliers
2. Fix an appointment with our supplier to discuss on the design!!
3. Wait patiently for our samples to come
4. HURRAY! Samples are here!! (We are always damn excited to see our samples haha) 
We'll try on the samples and see what neccessary adjustments we need to make (to the cut, sizing, length etc)
5. Pick the material and color that we want! Picking colors is reallllyyyyy difficult. We dont know what colors you girls will like! 
Most of the time, we choose more popular colors, if not sometimes we try to be adventurous. Hehe.
But Bree doesnt like me to be adventurous because you girls dont like adventurous colors ):
Is it true? :p 
6. Confirm the sizing/qty. Sizing includes XS, S, M, L...etc etc!
7. Wait patiently for our items to come!!!

Every design, whether material, type of button, even type of inner lining, type of complimentary belt (if there is) are picked by us! With recommendations from our suppliers of course :) Extremely thankful to have them around! For the good workmanship you are seeing,
it's all thanks to our suppliers! :) This whole process takes up to...about 2-3 months? From the time when the sample arrives to the actual batch arriving, it takes about 1.5 months!!  Backorders are opened if an item is popular and there are insufficient stocks for everyone! (: 

Moving on, from studio shoots, we went on to attempt outdoor shoots! Our first outdoor shoot featured our colorblock tulip dress! We actually took another top then, but we haven launched it yet!! It's a sequin piece, abit like a halter design, maybe we'll launch it for CNY? :p

There's rebs and tish for you! I remember how we were quite unprepared for our first shoot, lack of insect repellent, RAINNNN etc etc. ): 
You see this nice picture below, actually we were dying because there was intermittent rain which was super irritating as we had to get in and out of the shelter!! But thankfully, our shoot still pulled through haha :) 

Wilson is always pushing me for outdoor shoots. Styling, theme, concept (which is really quite difficult to come up with, really admire those blogshop owners who can keep coming up with such creative ideas!!) I am not an extremely creative person to begin with haha so really had to rack my brains for the themes and concepts. ):

One of our best shoot, tho a difficult one! What you see here is a very nice picture of a boat and the models...BUT what you dont see is the boat rocking from side to side violently because the sea was choppy that day!! Haha I puked into the sea due to sea sickness. zzzz. 

And finally....to today! Collection 100th!! We were really lucky to have met Pause's owner, who allowed us to use his cafe for a shoot!
And wilson's brilliant idea to include a male model in to jazz up the shoot :) 

I can only say that we have been really lucky, to have met awesome models, photographer, customers and suppliers. 
Managing TCL was not always smooth! Bree's literally dying from all the work (yes we need helpers and we'll be hiring!) 
Some of you have sent in resumes, will be looking at them soon (: 
Sometimes we meet nasty customers, but sometimes we meet really nice ones too!
The nice ones make up for the nasty ones haha. And all the support from friends, family (the list goes on).
Thank you to each and every one of you!!! I think we can't say thanks enough haha :)
We can't wait for our year end designs to be launched!! (AND CNY TOO!!)
Some of the designs are up on KISSJANE racks alrdy! So pop by if you are free! 
We'll continue to work hard to bring affordable, quality and nice apparels to all of you okay!


ALRIGHT that was a really long post. Onto some sneaks for C101!!!
Last saturday, I celebrated my friend's 21st!! (Another 21st right!! haha)
We went to House@Demsey.
Quite a lovely place to hang out with your friends/love ones :) 

Have known jia since secondary school days, really nice to see how we have all grown up from our younger days HAHA.

I ordered this salmon dish, I FORGOT THE NAME sorry heh. But I really liked the broth, and the salmon and clams!
The rest....hmm not really to my liking haha. It came with noodles that looked like cha soba, and tonnes of potatoes and sausage!

Okay camwhore time! With sherzzzzzziepoooooooo. Wearing a nice polka dotted tube dress :p

Awesome card-making skills from sher. So cute!!!! 

Haha look at the balloons! Sher bought them from holland v :)

And a series of stupid shots. Jia looks really sleepy here :p And sher just looks like..."do what you want to me I dont care" HAHA
The last photo is staged!! We planned for that shot heh.

The interior of house is really quite nice! And vintage. Even their toilets are awesome! Sorry didnt take pictures of the toilets :p

Ngles who came damnnn late but still made it in time for cake cutting!!

Me wearing TCL Classic Delight Dress in burberry!! 

<3 Best shot of us in the night except that jia's looking away AT HER CAMERA because this is my camera. 
Evil jia hahaha. 

Okay here's the dress again! Comes with the obi sash as shown! (: 
I really like the flutters at the collars, so pretty!
On dress down days you can just pair it with a normal belt hehe.
Wedges were launched on TCL previously :)

Alright, end of a massive long post. See you girls tmr at the launch :) 

03 October 2011 @ 01:35 am
Just a sneak sneak preview of our 100th collection! Heh :) It was a real pleasure to have shot at a cafe called Pause, located at 5 Jalan Kilang!

Head down there for an awesome cup of coffee, and admire the works by Dominic Khoo as well!
The cafe is really tucked away in a quiet place, for you to enjoy a day where you can sit at the cafe and read a book (:

More BTS up when our collection is nearing okay! But we are really excited about the 100th collection! We'll be launching 3 self manufactured (Blazer, colorblock top, Six button HWS in mineral wash) and more!!

Plus we have exciting giveaways!! Hehehe. More details will be released soon :D

OTD: TCL's Balloon Laced Sleeve Mandarin Collared Top
There's pretty vintage buttons down and a pleated collar (:

I look horrible pardon me slept barely 3 hours in preparation for ACC1002X (WHICH I TOTALLY DIED ): ) Accounting is a liability!!

Haha close up of the top: 

So anyw! I'll blog about SMU's Slightly Scarlet event! Pictures courtesy of wilson! :) 
So anyw, Wilson's was the photographer for their promotional photos and he was invited to their event! He was able to bring extra guests, so KK and I tagged along! The event's theme was Avant Garde or Noir. Haha I was asked like a few hours before the event if I wanted to go and was in a mad rush to piece my outfit! With the help of Bree :p Well, basically my outfit took us 15 mins to get it together wahaha. Thank goodness for TCL's apparels :D

I loved the show!! It was really exciting to see a runway show for the first time :) 
Gorgeous apparels, models and lightings! 

Haha this was a pretty cute theme! They wore elf looking shoes :D

Haha this girl below, she's damn cute! Even tho wilson and KK keep asking her to moonwalk on the runway :p And she actually does it! :)

Not forgetting the guys on the runway too!!

Wilson surrounded by pretty models ;) (Perks of being a photographer!)

And winning best dressed for the NOIR theme HAHA. Wilson was supposed to be the other one ;) 

Okay here's my outfit! I was wearing TCL's upcoming Gossip girl laced top! With ruffles down the front (You cant see it here) and a vintage printed skirt from BKK! With booties (that gave me horrible blisters :( ) And our vintage box bag in black!

Wilson's outfit! His bag is super cool! And his harry potter specs, which he unfortunately lost it ): 

Wilson trying to act slim here hurr -.-

Obviously he failed! Wilson and KK :)

Just a short one before I head to bed! Good night all! :) 

25 September 2011 @ 12:04 am
Haven't had time to blog for a while, but since it's recess week and it's a Saturday night, shall blog about our upcoming item! :) And I still want to blog about our BTS for the boat shoot!!! Someone please remind me about it ): 

Anyw, last sat was indancity's beyond's dance concert! Went to support my girlfriends :) Before that we went to shop for sher's 21st present and OOOHHHH yes she loves it :DD The concert was nice! Went in half an hour late because we were busy trying to get sher's present :p 
Missed the solo items! Heard it was good though. But yes watching the concert made me feel like dancing again and I am glad I joined this year's dance production one last time! :) 

Here's carrot for you (who proclaims that she has bigger boobs than I do, although yes she has HAHA) 

Ngles and carrot discriminating lee and I. Hmpffff haha.

Drey!!! Who needs to eat more haha. You have become so skinny until Mr Ngan was so shocked to see you on stage. 
Your arms are like my size now :p

Kong!! Sorry I couldnt stay to talk to you more ): But yes another dancer who has lost tonnes of weight dancing. 
Dancing is really a good form of exercise to lose weight, keep fit, and forget your worries for a while :) 

And then I headed off to the airport to send shitty sean off, and had a good laugh at the airport!! Ever seen guys dressed in OCS singlets and fbts to send their friend off? That was exactly what his friends did. Simply outrageous!!! If I can get hold of the video I would post it here, just for laughs ;) They seriously marched all the way from the toilet to where sean was, in commando style!!! HAHAHA. 

My retardedly cute awesome friends! ;)

No idea what you doing up there friend, but nice hair la. Give it to you HAHA. 

All for shitty sean. Have a good time in UK shitty sean!!!

Close-up of our hearts printed dress!! Spot the heart buttons and hearts prints! :) Yes I am loving the prints and the buttons hehe :p
Comes in 4 colors! Tangerine, london blue, cream and kelly green! Sneaks are up on facebook :)  It's our 98th collection!!! We are reaching 100th collection soon and we are really excited about that collection!! :DD Hehehe! 
Look out on facebook for our 100th promotion okay!!

Some photos from our shoot!! Hehe. Love how constance brought out the feel of the dress!! (: 
The dress comes with a sash too!! Or you can match it with our colored belts! 
Goes well with both heels and flats (and complete the look with a vintage box bag), and the material is super comfortable!! Made of quality chiffon (: 

AND YES SHER'S 21ST!!! <3 <3 <3
Transforming you from this

to this :D:D

We were super excited for sher's bday and yes, even more excited for her present!!! :D Took a while for us to decide on what to get, but I am glad we didnt get tiff and co hehehe because YES WE HAVE MANAGED TO TRANSFORM SHER :D Wahahaha!!! Rushed down to lee's house to prepare sher's card :) 

Pretty girls all dressed glamly for the night HAHA. 

Our card!! I must say that mine's the nicest :p Okay la jia yours is also quite nice! Lee's one...let's just say lee tried her best (: HAHAHA.

And then off we went to surprise sher!! We were all supposed to meet at the dinner location (which we changed later when sher saw her present), and jiaen was supposedly free to pick her up at her house! Hey I think I tried my best to sound as convincing as I could in the whatsapp group but sher said she suspected sth when I texted that jiaen will be at her house first yada BUT i tried to cover up by saying that I was near her area that's why I asked jiaen to pick me up too!!! ): 

Heading up to sher's house AND forgetting which unit she stayed at haha!

SURPRISEEEEE :)) HEHEHE. Yes she looked kinda surprised (: 

AND we hurried sher to her room, and got her to change to the outfits that we bought her!!! Complete with accessories (necklaces) and flats! (:

Sher looking all glam here!  

We even did makeup for her hehehe with jiaen as the makeup artist! 

Was supposed to head down to tanjong pagar for korean bbq, but we switched locations to holland v in the end!! 
Because sher's dressed so glamly, we had to go to a nicer place:p

The food was pretty alright, a little on the high side, but thoroughly enjoyable with the company <3 
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHER!!!! This is the umpteenth time I have wished you I think hahaha please wear the rest of the items out the next time we head out OKAYYYY. 

15 August 2011 @ 09:59 pm
Woke up at 9am on a Saturday morning for our themed shoot at reb's house! Her house is really huge and pretty! :) Travelled all the way from school to pasir ris!! But we had lots of fun tho! Our theme this photoshoot was baking cupcakes! Wheee. 

Haha look at reb's kitchen! So pretty!!! :) That's a pull out cupboard for you to store your spices! And her kitchen has a kitchen island!! Had no idea that the table in the middle of a kitchen is called an "island" haha. 

Tish and rebs in TCL's Mary Poppin's Midwaist Shorts in deep turq and cobalt blue! Really love the cut alot, and it's made of cotton spandex mixed!! Cotton shorts FTW :D Comes in brighton red, deep turq, black and cobalt blue!! 
And this is gonna be our first XS item! :D
Both bree and myself and Rebs are wearing XS, Tish is wearing S!

Flour fight! We had some fun playing around with the flour and thank goodness it was easy to clean up haha. Wilson really liked this shot ;) 

Tish and reb's trying to plaster flour on their faces!! :p 

Love tish's expression here - :O

Wilson's shirt says: I have got what the beaches want. As usual, cheekopeh wilson!!! 

Guess whose hands are those :p

Reb's dog, Reefer whom everyone loved! Super gentle but goes crazy at the sight of cupcakes :o

Sis loves the bag! In deep navy :) And there's a study room in reb's house with the really pretty colored glass panels you see over here! Had a really nice vintage feel to the whole room. Love the whole feel of reb's house :) 

It's almost 10pm!! Haven taken my dinner yet oh my feeling famished ): We are still in the midst of editing the photos! More sneaks to be up :D
15 August 2011 @ 02:26 am
 And yet again, another farewell!! :( For teh babe! She's heading to NOC for a year all the way at Sweden. Really happy for her tho :) Haha she's always the ones planning our birthday surprises, making sure we get a birthday cake for the birthday girl and without her, we really almost forgot about one of our birthdays ): 

Haha so we hurriedly finished her scrapebook at the airport, but looks pretty nice yea?

Crazy times we have spent together! Have no idea how we ended up calling ourselves C3 sluts tskk. 

Teh babe looking at her scrapbook :D

Bye bye teh babe )): Thanks for listening to my rants ;)

OFD: TCL's tinkerbelle peterpan top in cobalt blue/black, upcoming mid waist cotton shorts in brighton red

After sending teh babe off we headed to astons! Yes there's astons at terminal 1 I didnt know haha. The queue was moving really slowly though but thank goodness we managed to get a seat :) 

The birthday girl (two days later) and bb! 

Kokky kok!! NOOO must not let you open a spinster farm omgggg 

BBG with her #10001 expressions FTW haha

And more! ;)

I remember farewells sent off to our JC mates about 2 years ago. How time flies and how different the farewells were (with tears and all) and how we have all blossomed and changed into the young adults that we are today. I still miss our young innocent days in secondary school where we were all carefree individuals worrying about tests and our grades and gossiping about teachers, boys etc. :( 

Anyw we had a shoot lasting for almost 4 hours yesterday! Headed to reb's house for the shoot :) Her house is really pretty!!! With a resort feel and pretty gates, doors, windows and we had little surprises here and there when she brought us around the house! Will blog more BTS tmr! Here's just a sneak for u :) 

Flour fight :DD
08 August 2011 @ 08:40 pm
 Haha tons of photos to update! But as usual I am slowwww. Okay image heavy over here!! So for our most recent shoot, decided to do some props to go along with it! Hopefully the props turned out okay in the shoot! Haha we had some fun partying in the studio though ;)

Telephone booth which tish had no idea how to pose with...but she still managed to pose!!! The props are all handmade okay! Had to cut out the squares you see. It's supposed to resemble a telephone booth in london for the "London feel" heh. Loving the pants :) 

We just had to play around with the specs wahahaha. Wilson's fave pose is the double cheese. -.-

Okay and I really love these party words! It's supposed to be balloons...but no strings attached haha :p

Rebs is damnnn tall!! Just look at the height difference (sorry tish! :p) wahahaha. You still look cute in the nerdy theme hahaha. 

Our models are so cute! ;) 
The pants and tops are so easy to match! Love the cut and material haha. Wore it to send one of my friend's off for exchange! I actually wore the blue pants and orange everyday sleeveless top the previous day, and wore the pants in red the next day! Wahahaha.
With V at wild honey! Haha V looks so cute here hehe. And she's leaving soon too ):
Finally a photo with V haha. We hardly ever get to take pictures together ): At wala! With the unexpected playing. The band was really awesome, the lady singing had super powerful vocals!! Going there again soon :D
Sending off bobby at the airport! So many friends are leaving omggg. 
Bobby and us! 
The seniors who are all working alrdy! No one to play IHG )): 
XY! You are so cute!!!
Haha quite a nice send off :) Bye Bobbs!
And our first ever full attendence C3 outing! Last meal with teh babe who's leaving for NOC for a year ;'(
We went to have dinner at a coffee shop! Just right opposite zouk. And it's pretty reasonable haha. Look at the fish!! And the pumpkin fried prawns yummy :) 
Haha full attendence for once :D
Love the G12 with all the special effects haha. A pity all of us wont be staying in hall anymore! Only some of us will be ): 

And onto lee who's back from the UK! We wanted to go timbre, but we always end up at lee's house. (And yes we all love her house haha). Sorry girls I have to post the pictures because all of you are so cute!!!! Wahahahhaha. We actually played this children's game which resembles indian poker, only that you have to guess the object/animal/living thing/non-living thing shown on your card! Super retarded haha. 
Just look at the feast we had! Sushi, roasted chicken, ham, chips etc. And this royce chocolate chips which ngles bought! See the tri-tier glass plate? Lee's mum said that we had to use it!! So we used it to put sushi and ham HAHA. 
Polaroids! :D
HAHA. Sleepy sher who refused to shift her headgear to the centre. :p
Love you girls, please let's all go to london next year!!!
Okay finally done! :) 
01 August 2011 @ 09:43 pm
Last week was Reb's 19th birthday! So of course we had to have a mini celebration :) Firstly, we suprised rebs after the shoot! :D Bought a cake for her from bakerzin! And lovely sandals from chocolate schubar. Was so afraid the sandals wouldnt fit her but it fits perfectly! :DD

Haha we realized later that we should have took the photos with the studio lighting instead of normal lighting. Oops. And standing beside our models just make me feel..even more chipmunkish!!! 

Haha and rebs looks so cute here! :D She's allergic to chocolate but I didnt know ): Luckily I got tiramisu chocolate cake so at least she could have some heh. 

We met up at sushi tei for dinner on Saturday! Had a ball of time talking about random NUS happenings wahaha. :) Happy happy bday rebs! So happy to have met such a sweet lovely model who always help us to advertise FOC!!  :DD I dont know why but there's sth very wrong with our G12! The photos look so pixelated )): 
Haha fisheye effect with wilson! Cheekopeh photographer. But okay very nice and accommodating photographer. But I always have a headache trying to crack ideas for themes for our ODS. Arghhhh hahaha. 

Giving the photographer some good ol' time with the models ;) 
Some BTS of our last ODS! Haha poor tish had to brave the sun for this shoot. It was really hot that day, good weather but super sunny!!
Haha tish had to climb a tree (with red ants in the middle :\ ) Sorry tish!!! And I was assistant of the day! To hold the reflector for Mr Wilson haha. And he was actually on rollerblades while shooting. How awesome is Mr Wilson HAHA. 
Our upcoming self-manufactured polka dotted romper!! (Bree loves this design because of the polka dots and colored buttons!!) Comes in navy with pink buttons, black with red buttons and white with black buttons! Super comfy (: 
To show you how it looks like: (Spot the reflector! It's super big cannot be missed haha)
And now spot our photographer on wheels! 
Bree in another super comfy shirt!!! In tangerine orange :DD

Resort delight romper!!! :D 

Launch will be up tmr, 830pm!! :D Loving the photos, had a pretty resort feel to it wahaha. Thanks to tish for braving the hot sun!! And can't wait for our next themed shoot. It's going to be so fun! :) 
21 July 2011 @ 05:58 pm
It's 530pm in the office and I feel like sleeeping haha. I know I shldnt complain since I was the one to decide to go out till late when I knew there was a shoot at 9am in the morning! Haha but yesterday night was still a fun night I'll miss jen and papa alot when they leave for NOC/exchange ): 

It's super backdated but I shall post some behind the scenes photos for our outdoor shoot! Not alot because that day Sis didnt come along and hence it was hard to take photos!! 

It was pretty hard to change that day...so yes we slipped a dress over to change when we needed to change shorts! Some unglam shots of tish BUT she's still looking very prettyy haha :) 


I look totally horrible here (like an obasang/aunty/laundry maid) but the sunhat was a good shield from the sun heh. Tish was laughing because wilson always tries to shoot while she's changing and acting cheekopeh tskk haha. :p

And wilson showed us what his camera lenses could do! Wahaha. I have no idea how he did it. But anyw I love the collection's photos :) Super colorful!!! Today's shoot was less colorful tho we opted for something clean and sleek heh. We were missing rebs again cos she couldnt make it )): You'll see her in the next next OD shoot okay!! :D
I have so many backlog photos on my computer! Been catching up with friends this summer hols whee. TCC is having 1-for-1 main course! Of course we had to go there :) But we ended up getting drinks. I tried the rum and raisin shake it tasted pretty good. And when I am out with sand and carin we always take retarded photos hahahaha. Loving the functions on G12 :DD
There's fisheye, nostalgic, and some blurring effect where they focus on certain parts of the photos. Had lots of fun :)

And more wahahhahaha. (actually there's alot more)
Okay enough of retarded shots.  I am really drifting to lalaland now haha. Long day tmr at the supplier, hope the samples coming will be nice :D